Video Surveillance



Government Video Surveillance is Not a Convenience. It is Essential.

Video Solutions Deter threats to minimize the potential impact of anti-social, criminal, or terrorist activity.

Commercial Video Surveillance represents the governmental entity’s most effective and powerful tool in deterring crime.

Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways to deter crime, identify potentially criminal behaviors, and keep employees and records safe. Modern System Concepts is highly skilled and experienced in delivering dependable video surveillance and CCTV solutions to government institutions and agencies.

Modern System Concepts offers a comprehensive suite of services and equips government institutions large or small with customized, risk-appropriate networked video solutions that provide crime deterrence, and security, as well as operational oversight.

Have an existing security system?

Have an existing security system?

What type of security cameras can be installed at your facility?

Modern Security Concepts provides affordable quality video surveillance products, service, and installation. We equip our customers with the information they need so they can make wise, economical choices that will serve them today, and in the future.

Take Control of Your Commercial Security with Systems from Modern System Concepts

Modern System Concepts provides a wide range of commercial security options from trusted makers including GE, HAI, and Honeywell. Common components include:

With a Modern System Concepts commercial camera system, you’ll be able to:

• View your facility from any mobile phone or mobile device
• View multiple cameras and facilities at once
• Receive text alerts with captured video when someone enters monitored areas
• Assess incidents and manage appropriate response
• Confirm crime events, avoiding false alarm fees and fines
• Have exceptional image clarity day or night
• Have the flexibility to choose a camera system that meets your budget and can add additional cameras at a later date
• Compression for fast travel over IP networks

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