Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Light is Power, Use It Wisely!

Workplace Lighting Has the Power to Enhance
or Impede Your Business Growth. Yes, It Matters That Much.

Workplace lighting accounts for 39% of annual electrical use in most buildings, and more in specialized settings such as hotel and healthcare facilities. Superior light control enhances the spaces of your business by maximizing light and savings. MSC helps you harness that power with light control solutions, including smart lighting, smart shades, and fan controls which can be seamlessly integrated into your commercial automation system. Lighting can be dimmed, turned off automatically and be controlled from one interface.

What Component Options Do You Have?

With a wide array of choices in style, colors, controls and accessories there are many options to complement and enhance any décor while providing exceptional functionality, convenience, ambiance and security.

Typical systems include:

  • Dimmers and switches
  • Total room controls
  • Total Building controls
  • Fan controls
  • Shading solutions
  • Timers
  • In-wall sensors
  • Lighting fixture solutions

Have an existing security system?

Have an existing security system?


Have a Question for Modern System Concepts?

Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, or increase comfort and control, MSC has the reliable solutions for your demanding applications. To find out more about our affordable commercial lighting options, call MSC today (281) 599-7388, or fill out our contact form and we will call you!